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Help Coach Me Inc.

We Make Learning FUN!!! LEARN MORE

Welcome to Help Coach Me Inc!

We Make Learning FUN!!!

Excel Tips and Tricks

We are working on adding the best Excel Tips and Tricks. This area will be comprised of short tips that you can use to increase your productivity without having to spend hours learning Excel.

Marketing and Web 2.0

Do you have a website? Is your website just a web presence never to be seen in the World Wide Web? Would you like your website to automatically bring endless referrals and customers to your business but don’t know how? We are currently working on developing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks and Web 2.0 tricks.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a great toolbox of programs that most people do NOT use to its fullest potential. In fact most people use the Microsoft tools as separate tools and not together. It’s like using a screwdriver to take a bolt off without using a wrench to prevent the bolt from spinning in the back. Then you wonder why the bolt is not coming apart. We are working on showing you how to use the Microsoft Tools together to be even more productve. It’s like putting your Excel on steroids when you Access with Excel.

Public Speaking

“Dan Schemerhorn is eager to speak at your training or event.  Check back soon for his speaking schedule.”

We Believe Learning should be FUN so retention is higher.


Business Coaching and Leadership

The bottom line no matter how big your business is you want it bigger. I help people do two things:

  1. Increase Revenues
  2. Decrease Expenses

If we can do both than your company grows because your profits grow. So get a hold of me and let’s help grow your business.

Technical Training (explained not in Geek-Ahnees)

How many times have you talked to technical people and they talk to you in another language. Well no longer do you have to feel inferior when talking to like that. I have the ability to be your translator. I can talk Geek-Ah-Knees but I can translate into English that you know. So lets talk Geek and you will feel great you understand.


QuickBooks is so UNDER UTILIZED today by most businesses. Let me show you how you can not only manage your financials without being a CPA. Also how to use QuickBooks as a CRM program, “CRM program?” yes basic CRM (Customer Relationships Management just in case you didn’t know what CRM meant) can be done right inside QuickBooks

Go ahead ask me HOW can that be done.

Public and Private Training for you People

No limits here I have trained individual people at place like the FBI, FDA, BMW, just to name a few of my clients.

So if you have 1 or an entire organization I can help you with training. Every training is customized based on your organizational needs not some canned training that covers some of your needs and then adds a lot of fill.

So call me know to customize training your organization.

What Our Clients say about us: